Wednesday, November 16, 2011

As many of you may know, we are transitioning back to the old GST/PST system.
This is expected to be completed by MARCH 31,2013This means the the
affordability of homes and fees for other services will be exempt from the 7%
PST and will be subject to the 5% GST. This will result in more demand
for new homes which will help stimulate the local economy.Months of Inventory - The number of months to
sell all the inventory at current sales levels.... why care? Currently we are at 6 months... What this means
is that it will take 6 months to sell the current inventory.... As the
months of inventory is increasing = more sellers and less buyers = buyers market
as more product is on the market.Here is a link to the last 2 years of
Months of Inventory levels....
... 9600075664

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