Monday, January 2, 2012

10 things to know about gas ranges.... 1. Can't beat an electric oven..... gas is in the best when it comes to cooktops however pros agree that the even heat produced by the electric oven is best... you can purchase a Viking or Elba hybrid with gas top and electric oven.. 2. Are cheaper to run.... gas ranges cost 1/2 of what you would pay for an electric range per hour. 3. No longer need pilot lights.... an electric igniter is used instead of the eternal flame which saves gas consumption by 40% 4. Are insulated.... self-cleaning gas versions have the most insulation to handle prolonged temps... 5. Tell you which pot size to use... Use the burner to match the pot instead of wasting the burners heat on a pot that is too small for the burner. 6. May come with a sensor... optional auto-ignite feature allows the range to detect if any gas leaks are present. 7. Need a CO2 detector... If the range isn't working properly, the produced CO2 can be deadly. Install a detector close to the range to detect leaks. 8. Reveal when you're wasteful... A blue flame is efficient, an orange or yellow flame signals that the range needs servicing. 9. Get all choked up... Burners caked with food impede flame production, clean the range regularly. 10. Need a sealed oven door... close the door on a piece of paper, if the paper slips out easily the seal needs replacing. Hope these tips help and enjoy a great new year... Arran PS.... If you know someone looking to buy or sell a home let me know and I will provide a $500 referral fee...

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