Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Get the proper permits or pay the price!

It is imperative that the proper permits be in place for your building and renovation work.

If you fail to get a proper permit, once work stops, inspectors can ask you to halt work and also remove any work already done.

If you don't see a permit there probably isn't one. Ask the contractor to show you the permit BEFORE work starts.

Permits protect the homeowner in two ways.
First, the municipality will make sure the plans outline a structurally sound project.
Second, they check that building codes are followed as well as bylaws.

Process to obtain a building permit; Submit a permit application with 2 sets of a site plan and detailed drawings of the project. (get an engineer or architect to do the drawings. $200-$2000 this covers the admin work, processing fees, staff hours and inspections.

Allow 10-30 business days...
The municipality will check the work during the process at key stages to ensure quality of work. Appr. 6 inspections made.

I hope this info helps you....


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